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About Us

Our Description

I enjoy looking onto some of the community we use as the MeaxisNetwork, and enjoy seeing how wholesome the MeaxisNetwork, often abreviated as MN, is.

The MeaxisNetwork is a very welcoming pseudo-network created by Meaxis. It is very enjoyable to be apart of this community, and extremely easy to be liked in this exhilarating network. Because of this, we would like anyone to join as you can experience such a great time. We would like people to contribute to our community with happiness and wholesomeness that can push our success. Our goal is to have a place that can help each other and make sure other people have a great day.

We have spread into multiple aspects of gaming and communication, such as our Twitter, our discord server, our roblox groups, and most of all, our website and economy. MeaxisNetwork has an economy of MNP (MeaxisNetwork Points) and you can spend them at the store for multiple items that has been supplied by us. These items can range from a theme for the MN Webpage to a role in our Discord Server. There really is no limit. You can contribute suggestions for any aspect of the MeaxisNetwork at the support page and we are very open to ideas and criticism.

We have multiple reviews on our Trustpilot that say that people enjoy the MeaxisNetwork.


A lot of people have contributed to what MeaxisNetwork is today.

Here's a list of all of them. If I forgot you or anyone, please get in touch at [email protected].

People that contributed financially have a golden background.


Some assets & help with coding.


Some renés and assets on MeaxisNetwork games.


For helping me so many times that I can't count them, hosting the MeaxisNetwork for free for a very long time and just being a very good friend.


My personal translator that translates everything I don't want to re-type in French (e.g. the blog articles)


Assets on the MeaxisNetwork Games

Font Awesome

Font Awesome are those little icons you see all over the website.


Making softwares, and helping me create Minecraft servers for the MeaxisNetwork along with contributing alot to MeaxisWorld.

How to make your own Bloxy Cola

This is how the base of the Leafy Soda, one of MeaxisNetwork's most liked product was made: this texture & this tutorial and it is still the same thing today, 2 years after the creation of Leafy (leafy was created the 31st of July 2018)


First person to buy MeaxisNetwork Premium, former MN employee, good friend, generous donator, and author of the description on the homepage.

Loading Animations.

norkunas's youtube-dl-php

Making youtube-dl a PHP module for easier use of the ytdl software.


The MeaxisNetwork UGC Translation is Powered by Yandex.Translate.

Built W/MN

These products were built with MeaxisNetwork products in them!

Have you built something too? Email us at [email protected]

Automatic Subway

Automatic Subway is the biggest game to feature Leafy Soda Vending Machines!


A Discord Bot that has built-in MeaxisNetwork commands.

Joaobee - The Game

A flappy-bird like where you play the "Joaobee" that has to drink the most Leafy Soda possible!