- Lettre de Fin d'Année 2020

2020 End of the Year Letter

Hello @everyone, and welcome to this End of the Year Letter.

This year has been a great year for the MeaxisNetwork.
We've gained (and lost) new users, we've created new services, we've experimented, failed, we've gained money, we've lost money, and overall, we did quite a lot of stuff.

This year marked the first... and last MeaxisNetwork Direct - the quarterly MeaxisNetwork Announcement Livestream, which will be replaced with... blog articles.

This year also marked the release of the Leafy Industries Vending Machine version 2! Packed with products, it has been an overwhelming success, both in product sales and Leafy Premium purchases.

This year also marked lots of changes for the website. It gained a lot of features and is gaining more soon.

This year, MeaxisNetwork has gained 150 user accounts.
This year, MeaxisNetwork has gained almost 10 thousand Robux.
This year, MeaxisNetwork has made its first profit.
This year, MeaxisNetwork turns 3 years old.

I'd like to personally thank you all (even those who left) for having contributed or contributing to what the MeaxisNetwork is today, and what it was yesterday. I hope I'll see you contributing to the MeaxisNetwork tomorrow.

2021 is promising for the MeaxisNetwork... we'll accomplish great things.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,
Meaxis @ MeaxisNetwork


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