- Modelers, Builders, Anything-ers: We Want You!

Modelers, Builders, Anything-ers: We Want You!

Hey MeaxisNetwork Users!

As we're working towards a feature that'll probably make... quite everyone happy, we're also working on smaller features linked to it.

One of these smaller features is accessories that would be uniformized on our Roblox places (and perhaps, at our partner's? 👀). We're looking for motivated builders, modelers, or gataouers to make hats, accessories, or quite anything.

Of course, you'll be paid. A lot. Because we're rich! (but... in Robux, because yes.)

Anyways, if you've got any submissions, don't hesitate to DM @Meaxis#0515 on Discord, or the @MeaxisNetwork Twitter account. We promise these will go faster than partner apps.

Happy Gataouing,
Meaxis @ MN


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