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Introducing the new moderation system!

Hello, MeaxisNetwork users!

Today is a great day for MeaxisNetwork: we're introducing the new moderation system! In reality, the new moderation system is a huge overhaul of the current to make it easier to understand and fairer for everyone.

The new system is split into three parts and will progressively release. Let's go over the three parts.

PART 1 - New sanctions
3 new sanction types are coming with this overhaul!

The first are mutes, which prevent people that receive them from posting or writing on MeaxisNetwork Services until said mute expires.

The second is contribution blocking, which prevents you from contributing to the MeaxisNetwork in any way, including through talks.

The third is jailing and is specific to the Roblox platform. People that are jailed will see their avatars blocked in a location that varies depending on the experience that the person is visiting.

PART 2 - Severity system
As you may (or may not) know, the current system works like this:
- 4 warns == 1-day termination
- 8 warns == 1-week termination
- 12 warns == Indefinite termination

The new system will work with points! Each sanction will have a severity number attached to them that goes from 1 to 10 based on the severity of the infraction.
Reaching 15 will lead to a 1-day ban, 30 to a 1-week ban, and 40 to an indefinite termination. Furthermore, terminations can now be directly given without passing by 4 warnings first.

PART 3 - Miscellaneous changes to the appealing process
These changes are mostly internal but will greatly improve the quality of moderation. Contacting customer support and appealing warns should also be easier. We can also note the introduction of "The Law" in the MeaxisNetwork Roblox Games. Disrespecting The Law will lead to sanctions, including MeaxisNetwork-wide.

We hope that you like these changes to the system. Feel free to give feedback on the Feedback tab of the website.

Have a great day!
MeaxisNetwork Administration


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