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Add anonymous feedbacks

2 1 — Wrote 04-05-2021 08:52:32 by Lolucasanic_Real

Make that someone can write feedbacks as an anonymous person, maybe there's someone who don't want to reveal who is s/he when s/he's writing feedbacks

Change the claim plugin (Meaxisnetworkcraft)

2 0 — Wrote 04-03-2021 12:21:57 by Lolucasanic_Real

To understand that plugin I took a lot of time, the problem of the plugin is that all the parts of the Y coordinates above or under where is supposted to be the claim are claimed too

Music Radio Stage Channel

2 0 — Wrote 04-02-2021 15:27:48 by joaovarela39797

Add a Stage Channel with the function of having a music bot diffusing a twitch radio channel chosen by the members of the meaxisnetwork that is in a queue that changes each day if there are any radio channels in the queue.

Leafies that are automatically deleted after a certain time when thrown away

2 0 — Wrote 03-31-2021 16:12:28 by ALOI3E

Leafies are currently unabled to disappear so that can cause problems :/ For example, in Automatic Subway some people used them to break trains

giveaway role

2 0 — Wrote 03-24-2021 22:33:52 by coco

add giveaway role so the hoster of a giveaway can ping only giveaway role

Add NQN bot in the discord server

0 0 — Wrote 03-17-2021 08:46:10 by [Deleted User]

NQN(Not Quite Nitro) bot allows members to use gif emotes(I know we have nitro in the server already so that doesn't work) and emotes from other servers that the bot is in without the user having nitro. Adding the bot will be useful. Bot link:

Aury Bot in MeaxisNetwork Discord

4 0 — Wrote 03-03-2021 13:36:37 by Aury

The brand new AuryBot is here !! Maybe it'll be for MeaxisNetwork to have this awesome bot with incredible possibilities such as : "sending a Blanquer" or "Printing potatoes", ONLY 5 REMAINING IN STOCK !! What is MeaxisNetwork waiting for ??

Dark Matter Generator

1 0 — Wrote 02-21-2021 22:39:17 by Doceaux

EN -Imagine that the MN has its own Dark Matter Generator, it would be incredible to supply Energy to all the places in the MN! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________FR - Imaginez que le MN dispose de son propre générateur de matière noire, il serait incroyable de fournir de l'énergie à tous les endroits du MN !

Train of Line 13

3 0 — Wrote 02-18-2021 14:26:35 by Enzo

Améliorer le train a 25 robux de la ligne 13 et que dès que l'on paye on puisse accéder à plus de fonctionnalités. Improving the 25 robux train on line 13. As soon as you pay, you should be able to access more functionalities.

Have a spanish translation for MeaxisNetwork

2 0 — Wrote 02-18-2021 00:57:43 by PhroggyDevz

There should be a Spanish translation for the MeaxisNetwork, this would help on expanding the reach of the MeaxisNetwork pseudo company.