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Aury Bot in MeaxisNetwork Discord

3 0 — Wrote 03-03-2021 13:36:37 by Aury

The brand new AuryBot is here !! Maybe it'll be for MeaxisNetwork to have this awesome bot with incredible possibilities such as : "sending a Blanquer" or "Printing potatoes", ONLY 5 REMAINING IN STOCK !! What is MeaxisNetwork waiting for ??

Dark Matter Generator

1 0 — Wrote 02-21-2021 22:39:17 by Doceaux

EN -Imagine that the MN has its own Dark Matter Generator, it would be incredible to supply Energy to all the places in the MN! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________FR - Imaginez que le MN dispose de son propre générateur de matière noire, il serait incroyable de fournir de l'énergie à tous les endroits du MN !

Train of Line 13

2 0 — Wrote 02-18-2021 14:26:35 by Enzo

Améliorer le train a 25 robux de la ligne 13 et que dès que l'on paye on puisse accéder à plus de fonctionnalités. Improving the 25 robux train on line 13. As soon as you pay, you should be able to access more functionalities.

Have a spanish translation for MeaxisNetwork

2 0 — Wrote 02-18-2021 00:57:43 by PhroggyDevz

There should be a Spanish translation for the MeaxisNetwork, this would help on expanding the reach of the MeaxisNetwork pseudo company.

Arcade game

1 0 — Wrote 02-16-2021 14:14:59 by Enzo

Créer une salle d'arcade spécial Meaxisnetwork avec plein de jeux où on peux gagner des figurines de gataou, Fire, Meaxis, Joao, Ricky, Aury... Create a special Meaxisnetwork arcade with lots of games where you can win little statues of Gataou, Fire, Meaxis, Joao, Ricky, Aury...

Meaxis Network museum

4 0 — Wrote 02-09-2021 20:33:34 by Lolucasanic_Real

It would be a cool idea if you make a ROBLOX game that is a museum with the best screenshots of #screenshots (on the discord server)

Private channels on the MeaxisNetwork

2 0 — Wrote 01-28-2021 16:33:26 by gataou4

You could buy a private channel in MN there is only the one who bought it who can see it and he can add whoever he wants on the channel

Add the CORE bot to the MN Discord.

4 0 — Wrote 01-01-2021 04:27:08 by i_iMikey

CORE is a multipurpose bot with the intention of making moderation easier and more convenient for people trying to administrate a server, whether it be large or small. CORE contains a variation of many commands varying from moderation to MeaxisNetwork commands. Default Commands are: !help - Help Command for CORE !version - A command that tells you the patch notes for the most recent update. !rps - A command that means you can play rock paper scissors with the bot. !maths - A command that you can give the bot so that the bot can give you an answer. !roll - A command that chooses a random person from the server, useful for giveaways. !purge - A command that deletes a certain amount of messages in the current channel. !kick - A command that kicks the mentioned user. !ban - A command that bans the mentioned user. !mute - A command that mutes the mentioned user. !unmute - A command that unmutes the mentioned user. !info - A command that shows you information about the mentioned user. !announce - A command that shows asks the author questions about the announcement and then sends it. !categories - A command that shows you the announcement categories required for the announce command. !support - A command that invites you to the support server. !invite - A command that gives you the invite link to invite the bot. MeaxisNetwork Commands: This extension is built into CORE so the prerequisites are already loaded. !profile - Finds information about your profile such as your username, account ID and description. !finduser - Checks if a user exists by their username. Parameters are username. !leafy - Checks the leafy status and if the status code isn't 200, it says it's not okay. !funfact - Gives you a funfact from the MeaxisNetwork, it's ID and it's author. Roblox Commands: You need to load this extension with the !load roblox command if it isn't already loaded. These commands contact the roblox API and gets information from the parameters you submit. The current commands are: !robloxsearch [username] - Contacts the API to find information about a user from their username, such as if they are banned or not, their description, their avatar, their user id, when their account was created and more. !assetsearch [id] - This API cannot search by name so you need to passthrough an ID of the asset you want in question. This finds information about an asset such as it's name, whether it's limited or not, it's description and the user who made it. Configuration Commands !config - A command that changes the configuration for the bot on your server. The configuration command can take a range of parameters. For the first parameter, you can put one of 5 configurations or settings. verification_role - The role when verifying (Optional) announcement_channel - The channel the announce command goes to manualverification - Whether or not the bot will generate a random string that the user needs to type before they get the verification role. (Optional) debug - Whether or not the bot will put the error of a command in chat or whether it will print to console. link-automoderation - Whether the bot will look for links in your server, and if it finds one and the person doesn't have the Manage Guild permission, the message will be deleted. Related Links: Website: Do#######entation: Bot page: Source Code: I thank you for reading and I hope you agree with me on adding CORE to the MN Discord. It's a cool bot and it has some cool commands like MeaxisNetwork commands or Roblox Commands. Too Long; Didn't Read - Has a database for storing configurations, warnings and prefixes. - You can change the prefix for your server. - It has MeaxisNetwork commands and roblox commands. - Has source code available on GitHub. - Has extension capabilities. - Has some cool games like a maths game to test your maths skills and a rock paper scissors game to test your rock paper scissors skills.

Roblox Steve

2 0 — Wrote 12-28-2020 18:12:50 by Lolucasanic_Real

If you add the Minecraft Bacon why don't do you add the Roblox Steve?

Santa bot

3 0 — Wrote 12-13-2020 20:37:33 by Enzo

Add the bot "Santa bot". Its a bot like trickcord but its for Christmas/ ajouter le bot "Santa bot" qui est un bot comme Trickcord mais spécial Noël.