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Bacteriological test on players

2 1 — Wrote 10-22-2020 10:53:49 by Doceaux

A bacteriological centre where tests will be carried out to see the player's abilities, for example: cutting off an arm to see if the heart has the same strength, or testing to replace parts.

Mystery leafy and leafy mix

6 0 — Wrote 10-22-2020 10:46:05 by Enzo

Create a mystery leafy that is a random leafy that you don't know with a big question mark on the can. Create a leafy mix with a mix between several leafy and which has several effects. / Créer un leafy mystère qui est un leafy au hasard que l'on ne connait pas avec un gros point d'interrogation sur la canette. Créer un leafy mix avec un mix entre plusieurs leafy et qui ducoup a plusieurs effets.

Leafy Kinder Surprise

4 0 — Wrote 10-21-2020 21:25:30 by ALOI3E

Who didn't like to get a surprise from a chocolate egg? :> We would be able to have a little thing with a leafy egg :U. It can be a funny leafy with randomness or with themes. Note: Plus it will add a new leafy :D New things are fun!

New game

1 0 — Wrote 10-19-2020 21:48:32 by Enzo

Créez un musée meaxisNetwork où nous pouvons voir toutes les créations de Meaxis. / Créer un musée meaxisNetwork où on peux voir toutes les créations de Meaxis.

Add score when voting

4 0 — Wrote 10-19-2020 21:33:05 by coco

Give us 0.1 points of score for each vote.

Change the name of the Discord Server to MeaxisNetwork and change his pic to the original one

2 0 — Wrote 10-19-2020 18:24:59 by Lolucasanic_Real

Please do that

Ajouter le bot piggy

1 3 — Wrote 10-16-2020 20:27:39 by Enzo

Ajouter le bot piggy sur le serveur MeaxisNetwork. Piggy est un bot qui permet de faire des combats entre cochons .

Feedback API

0 0 — Wrote 10-13-2020 16:14:12 by i_iMikey

An API to read, post & up/down vote feedbacks.

MeaxisNetwork Parliament

3 0 — Wrote 10-05-2020 19:00:40 by Meaxis

Basically: - parliamentarians are elected - they vote on future MN updates & changes to the MN

Petition for networkblocked soda

0 1 — Wrote 09-30-2020 20:32:06 by Network_Blocked

Meaxis should add networkblocked soda that virtually blocks your network when u drink it.

MeaxisNetwork Merch Flags

1 0 — Wrote 09-30-2020 19:36:10 by Network_Blocked

You should add Flags to the MeaxisNetwork Merch this would be very cool in my opinion.

Spot the Seagull

3 0 — Wrote 09-30-2020 17:19:15 by i_iMikey

a minigame on where you would spot a seagull for MNP

Make a multiplayer minigame on this site

1 0 — Wrote 09-29-2020 13:51:47 by Lolucasanic_Real

I think it would be really cool if you do a multiplayer game where you can met your friends on , You, Meaxis, will choose which tipe of minigame you will do.

future terminus of the 13bis

2 0 — Wrote 09-20-2020 18:56:56 by him_morsang002

for the future terminus of the 13bis but underground, as the train is the MP73 MN *, it would be good if the walls would be with the MN * style tunels. MN *: MeaxisNetwork

Maxis Network Loop? , fast train ? , blablabla

0 0 — Wrote 09-08-2020 17:04:10 by Doceaux

meaxis network really needs a HyperLOOP, imagined the biggest high speed train in MN, DoceauxTM is ready to have one for 700 to 600RBX

Make that Meaxis Network becomes an app / a launcher to be downloaded from the app store both on the pc and the phone

1 0 — Wrote 09-08-2020 16:44:28 by Lolucasanic_Real

What about this idea?

Super speed train? A train like hyperloop, is MN capable of it?

2 0 — Wrote 09-06-2020 09:12:59 by Doceaux

The future of the MN trains, A train in a giant tube that only advances for the good of the journey, imagined a train with ultimate speed, 1000KLM, 8200KLM! , it can be a revolution , maybe in a year's time

did you know Where does the MN lab take place?

1 0 — Wrote 09-05-2020 18:34:30 by Doceaux

Tell me about the MN discord where the MN Lab is located, Say it in GENERAL and we will ask meaxis, it will always be nice to know where the MN's laboratory is located somewhere in Europe

MNP Machine/ Meaxis Point Machine

0 1 — Wrote 09-04-2020 13:15:55 by [Deleted User]

You have to pay MNP to get a MNP Machine, this will make for you mnp per minute [ 10 Mnp or 15 Mnp per minute or lower ]

The notifications needs to be sended when those things happen \/

3 0 — Wrote 09-03-2020 19:32:52 by Lolucasanic_Real

Send a notification when your feedback got a comment, got upvoted or downvoted, or got approved by Meaxis (you)

open line 14

3 0 — Wrote 09-03-2020 19:22:43 by him_morsang002

open line 14 Saturday if possible (a by if it is not completed (me DMs the day before the opening))

Add the PSDs (Platform Screen Doors) on Line 14

2 0 — Wrote 09-03-2020 16:28:41 by Lolucasanic_Real

If the Line 14 will be automatic then add the PSDs like, for example, in Automatic Subway.

An Idea for the Feedbacks

1 1 — Wrote 09-03-2020 11:44:09 by Lolucasanic_Real

Make that when you press the number of the upvotes or the downvotes you can see the people who voted that. For example on Instagram you can see the people who liked a certain post clicking on "Liked by (certain names) and (number) others.

A suggestion about "Maths with Meaxis"

2 0 — Wrote 09-02-2020 16:40:07 by Lolucasanic_Real

Make that half the result of a math operation, if you did it good, your MNPs will be the half or a fourth (You, Meaxis, will choose if you do a fourth or an half) For example if the result of an operation is 8 you will receive 4 MXP or 2 MXP, if the result is an odd the MXP will be the result of ((result) - 1 ) / (2 or 4)

Upgrade the Haxo Station

2 0 — Wrote 09-02-2020 07:30:24 by Lolucasanic_Real

I saw the Haxo station in the Line 14 and I think it should be upgraded to be a greater station, make the platforms larger and make the station more colorful.

One time use free trial on Leafy industries

3 0 — Wrote 09-01-2020 17:43:38 by [Deleted User]

For the people who doesnt have robux, they deserve to have a one time use free trial!

There's a problem on

2 0 — Wrote 09-01-2020 17:42:03 by Lolucasanic_Real

In the first way to earn MNPs there is write invite your friends to sign-up [...] and there's a link that is, when I press it it doesn't work, can you fix it?

Add bus line

2 0 — Wrote 09-01-2020 00:13:02 by him_morsang002

add a bus line (except map line 13)

Speed limite lign 13

2 0 — Wrote 08-31-2020 23:37:05 by him_morsang002

put the speed limit on all line 13

Re-open the MeaxisWorld Minecraft server

3 1 — Wrote 08-31-2020 08:34:37 by Lolucasanic_Real

Minecraft is really funny, can you remake that?