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The MeaxisNetwork's way of rewarding you for using our services.

What's points?

Points, also known as MeaxisNetwork Points (or MNP) are points you gain through using MeaxisNetwork! They enable you to gain free rewards, such as Litums, or advantages on our services.

At the beginning of each season, your points balance gets reset. Each season brings new rewards to earn to upgrade your profile, to expand your use of our services or simply to have fun.

The system is split into levels. At each points milestone, you go up one level and you recieve a package of rewards associated with that level.

How do I get points?

There are various ways of get points. Here's a few tips on how to get points.


You will gain points for visiting your homepage, interacting with services and more.


Engaging with the community on our Discord or in the Community tab for points!


Give feedback or help us carry out some tasks on the working for MeaxisNetwork tab.


See something? Say something. Report through the built-in buttons or at our help page.

Frequently Asked Questions

The points system is easy to grasp, but you might have some questions. Let's try answering them!

Wait, what's the difference with the old MNP? What's the difference with Litums?

While the old MNP were a currency, they got phased out in December 2021 once Litums had finally settled in as the new MeaxisNetwork currency.
Since then, we've given MNP a new use by making it the core of the new Points system! As said in the title, MNP is not a currency, they're points (like in an experience system, for instance!). You cannot spend MNP.

What are the rewards?

The rewards for each level are:

We are still actively working on adding more rewards.