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MeaxisNetwork Community Guidelines

Welcome to MeaxisNetwork! To use MeaxisNetwork Communication Services, such as feedbacks, comments, or even our Discord Server, we require that you abide by MeaxisNetwork Terms of Service and MeaxisNetwork Community Guidelines.

Our guidelines are made to be fair and square, along with them being clear about what you can and cannot do. If you are stuck in a gray area, please email our team at [email protected], or visit for further assistance.

(1) Inappropriate Content
You are not allowed to post inappropriate content on MeaxisNetwork. Inappropriate content qualifies as:
- Insults of all kinds towards people or a group of people,
- Strong Profanity of all kinds,
- Discrimination of all kinds,
- References to sexual subjects,
- References to terrorism or acts of terror,
- Threats or blackmailing,
- Scamming, phishing, catfishing,
- Hate Speeches
- References to love of all kind (read section 3 for more informations).
- Mocking people because of their disabilities, beliefs, religion or opinions.
- Software or sites with malicious intent, such as viruses, non-consensual cryptocurrency miners, pages/files causing a device to crash or malfunction or IP grabbers

We believe that this content has no place in MeaxisNetwork because MeaxisNetwork. Posting this content may lead to restrictions being applied to your account, such as warnings, mutes, or terminations.

(2) NSFW content
NSFW content is in no way allowed on MeaxisNetwork. NSFW is qualified as: gore, pornography, sexual topics.
Edge-NSFW content, the softer version of NSFW, is not allowed too. Edge-NSFW is qualified as: pictures where private parts of the human body are partially displayed and pictures of people, human-like or antromorphic characters in attractive poses or in revealing under/swimwear.

(3) Online Dating, Love Roleplaying and Drama
Online Dating is a sensitive topic on the Internet. On MeaxisNetwork, you are not allowed to talk about love on MeaxisNetwork, use MeaxisNetwork for the sole purpose of finding dating partners, or express your love to someone on MeaxisNetwork. If you have somehow found a dating partner through MeaxisNetwork (e.g. discord DMs, but you have met the person on MeaxisNetwork), please email us at [email protected] to avoid any punishments if we discover it. Make sure to include your MeaxisNetwork UserId along with your partner's MeaxisNetwork UserId.

On another note, you are not allowed to ship people on the MeaxisNetwork (without the user(s)'s consent). You are not allowed to simulate wedding, kisses, and fake parent-to-children relations or couples.

Finally, we do not allow drama as it is bad for a community.

(4) Non-MeaxisNetwork links
You are allowed to share non-MeaxisNetwork links on MeaxisNetwork products if they are NOT the following:
- Pornographic websites
- Scamming / IP grabber links
- Phishing websites
- Dating websites
- Anime websites
- Any of the content/websites sent above (

(5) Removal of Past Content
Due to common misconceptions about the past operations of the MeaxisNetwork, the MeaxisNetwork does not allow mentioning of its past Discord services to anyone that has been part of said services, that is considered a potential risk or that are affiliated in any ways not recognized and endorsed by the MeaxisNetwork with any of its former members are not allowed to talk about MeaxisWorld, what happened on it, its culture, movies, inside jokes & members that are not banned from the MeaxisNetwork, with the exception of Meaxis.

(6) Spam/Flood
Please do not spam or flood any MeaxisNetwork communication methods such as (but not limited to) comments, feedbacks or the MeaxisNetwork Discord.

Please do not post content where it should not be: feedbacks should be solely used for giving ideas for instance.
If you answer MeaxisNetwork Surveys, answer correctly to the question(s).

(7) Freedom of Speech & Inapprorpiate Topics
While you are free to speak, please avoid sharing political opinions, religious beliefs, or any offensive opinion. You are allowed to speak freely as long as you are abiding by these guidelines, MeaxisNetwork ToS & not offending anyone & not being a nuisance.

(8) Asking for a higher status
We will not give you free MNPs/Coins/MeaxisNetwork Premium/ranks/staff just because you asked to. In fact, asking for these may reduce your chance of getting them AND reduce your citizen score.

(9) Extra Information
- Treat people like you would like to be treated
- Disrespecting the Camera / mothers is the worst thing you can do on MN and will probably lead to instant termination
- Disrespecting Meaxis is the second worst thing you can do on MN and will too probably lead to instant termination (👀 i_iMikey)
- Please use common sense. If you doubt if it's allowed or not, it's probably not allowed, but don't hesitate to send us an email at [email protected]
- Do not threaten to DDoS/Boot us or any MeaxisNetwork user. DDoSing is not a good thing to do. Seriously.)