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Published on 24/11/2020

Section 1 - Preamble
This contract is a legal contract between you ("you" and "your") and the "MeaxisNetwork" ("we", "us", "MeaxisNetwork"), defined by the terms "the Terms", "the Terms of Use", "the TOS", "this contract", "contract", "this agreement", "agreement", which relates to the meaxisnetwork site. net, and the sites/products governed by the entity that owns the sites linked to MeaxisNetwork, such as (but not limited to) or, except for open-source products that you can access on certain platforms, such as GitHub.

By using our services, you agree to this Agreement until you permanently stop using our services. You also agree to our Privacy Policy.

Section 2 - General Terms of Use of our Services
The MeaxisNetwork prohibits certain types of content on our services, please read our guidelines ("Guidelines") at By accepting this Agreement, you agree to abide by this Policy on all of our services.

MeaxisNetwork defines, according to the law in your country, an age limit for its services. You may use MeaxisNetwork if you fall into one or more of these categories:
- you are over the age of majority according to the law of your country
- your age is above the age of majority for consent to data processing in your country
- your age is below the age of majority for consent to data processing in your country, and you have obtained the permission of your parent / guardian if your country allows the delegation of permission to the parent.

To use the MeaxisNetwork, you must authorize the processing of your data by the MeaxisNetwork. You can learn more about the processing of your data on our Privacy Policy, which you can read here:

You are not authorized to interfere with the proper operation of the Service.

Section 3a - MeaxisNetwork Non-Liability for Damages
Under no circumstances is MeaxisNetwork responsible for any damage, injury, death, incident or problem caused by the use of its services. The MeaxisNetwork does not offer legal, health, or other advice.

Section 3b - Disclaimer for Sponsored Content or Advertisements
The MeaxisNetwork offers advertisements or affiliate links on its services. The MeaxisNetwork can earn a commission per click, a commission per view, or a commission per duration. The MeaxisNetwork is not responsible for such content that is owned by third parties (such as Google) and is clearly marked as "Advertisement" (AD), "SPONSORED CONTENT" or "AFFILIATED LINK". Advertisements are not edited, verified, reviewed, or endorsed by MeaxisNetwork, and under no circumstances shall MeaxisNetwork be responsible for the truthfulness of such Advertisements.

Section 3c - Disclaimer for User Posted Content
The MeaxisNetwork is not responsible for any damage, injury, death, incident, or problem caused by content posted on its services, in particular content posted by users ("UGC", "User-Generated Content"), such as (but not limited to) "Feedbacks", "Developer Applications" or "Posts".

Section 3d - Disclaimer of Liability for the True Status of Information
The MeaxisNetwork cannot guarantee a 100% truthful content on its sites, especially in the case of User Generated Content (UGC). The MeaxisNetwork advises, especially in the case of UGC, to consult sources other than the MeaxisNetwork / the user's post. The MeaxisNetwork is not responsible for any potential misinformation of its users.

Section 3e - Non-Responsibility for User Reviews
The MeaxisNetwork can promote reviews posted on TrustPilot. These reviews are paid in "MNP" or "Litums", depending on the quality of the review. Please note that the rating given (in stars) or the review on the service will have no effect on the remuneration. A well-constructed negative opinion will be as well compensated as a positive one. The MeaxisNetwork is not responsible for such reviews and their contents, and cannot guarantee their veracity.

Section 4 - Right to Modify, Delete and Reuse
At any time MeaxisNetwork allows itself the right to modify, delete or reuse site content, policies (such as this contract, privacy policy) or user generated content (UGC), automatically or manually. Such modifications may include :
- a move to a "restricted" category, which restricts viewing to a certain group of people (such as employees, registered users or adult users),
- automatic or manual filtering of inappropriate words for the MeaxisNetwork
- removal of content

This includes accounts, which may be "suspended" for verification of identity or legality, or for other reasons ("investigation") or temporary or permanent closure ("termination/closure").

Section 5a - Intellectual Property of the Site
The site as well as its products and their contents (images, code, multimedia, files) are the property of the owner of and must not be changed, resold, redistributed or copied under any circumstances unless :
- the User has received authorization from the client
- the said product is under a license that permits redistribution, resale, modification or copying (for example, MIT license)

Section 5b - Intellectual Property Other
The MeaxisNetwork can host content for which it does not own the rights. The MeaxisNetwork positions itself as a host, and unfortunately cannot moderate all the contents that are put on the platform or on the MeaxisNetwork products.
If your intellectual property has been put online on the MeaxisNetwork without your consent by a user, please notify us at [email protected] so that we can remove the said content.

Section 6a1 - Paid Content with Virtual Currency
The MeaxisNetwork can offer paid content with virtual currency, which may or may not be purchased with real currency. MeaxisNetwork is not responsible for any accidental purchase with the said currency and does not authorize the resale of the said currency.

Section 6a2 - No value
The virtual currency of the MeaxisNetwork has no value for resale, exchange and is not exchangeable except in rare cases of use, such as "Litum -> $$$" exchange.

Section 6b1 - Paid Content with Real Currency
The MeaxisNetwork offers purchases in real currency, via the payment portal "PayPal" only, a service not affiliated with the MeaxisNetwork which has its own terms and conditions. Paid content can only be accessed after payment via the payment portal and after receipt of payment from us.

Section 6b2 - Refunds
Purchases with real currency are refundable if paid via the payment portal "PayPal". However, MeaxisNetwork reserves the right to close your account if :
- you have made a dispute via PayPal
- you requested reimbursement after 72 hours

Section 6b3 - Right of Refusal
MeaxisNetwork reserves the right to refuse a payment, in which case you will be refunded the full amount paid.

Section 6b4 - Payment Error
A payment error may occur. If the payment has been made but you have not received your items, you are eligible for a refund, even 72 hours after purchase. You are also eligible for a replacement of the purchased item if you wish, which will disable your right to a refund without expiration.

Section 6b5 - Failure to Pay
In case of non-payment, MeaxisNetwork reserves the right to disable access to paid content or deactivate your account, depending on the failure to pay / willingness of MeaxisNetwork employees.

Section 6b6 - Subscriptions
The MeaxisNetwork offers subscriptions at a fixed price, indicated before payment. Subscriptions give you access to paid content until a fixed date, which is accessible in your MeaxisNetwork account control panel. You will then need to renew your subscription to regain access.

Section 6b7 - Removing Access
In case of breach of this contract, MeaxisNetwork reserves the right to remove your access to your paid content, without refund.

Section 7a - Removal of your access
You are free to stop using the Service at any time, in which case this agreement expires. MeaxisNetwork may terminate your access to the Service in the event of a breach of this Agreement, or a breach of our "Code of Conduct", which includes a breach of this Agreement.

Section 7b - Removal of Service
The Service may stop being offered permanently at any time at our discretion, in which case this contract expires.

Section 8a - Modification of this Agreement
MeaxisNetwork reserves the right to modify this contract at any time, in which case you will be notified via an account notification.

Section 8b - Questions about this contract
If you have any questions about this contract, you can contact us :
- at any email ending with "", but preferably at "[email protected]" or "[email protected]".
- via our integrated live chat on "".
- on the "Twitter" and "Discord" platforms

Section 8c - Information on this contract
For your convenience, this document is also available in English. Please note that in case of legal conflict, the French version of this document is legally binding, as the English version has been automatically translated.

Section 8d - In case of legal dispute
If you wish to contact the MeaxisNetwork for legal dispute, please contact us via the information given in section 8b before attempting any legal action. We don't want to end up in court, and neither do you. Contact us first, a little discussion can probably settle it all and save us thousands of Euros in legal fees.