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The MeaxisNetwork is a very welcoming pseudo-network created by Meaxis. We have spread into multiple aspects of gaming and communication, such as our Twitter, our discord server, our roblox groups, and most of all, our website and economy. MeaxisNetwork has an economy of MNP (MeaxisNetwork Points) and you can spend them at the store for multiple items that has been supplied by us. You can contribute suggestions for any aspect of the MeaxisNetwork at the support page and we are very open to ideas and criticism.

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Introducing the new moderation system!


Modelers, Builders, Anything-ers: We Want You!


Introducing the filter to the MeaxisNetwork's Roblox Games!



(5/5 Stars!)

MeaxisNetwork is a beautiful platform with great User Interfaces! I hope they continue to sell the Leafy Soda. :)

(5/5 Stars!)


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